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ColdFusion Flash/Flex Programming at Arosys

Does your desktop or web apps require Flash or Flex based programming model to make it more “rich” in terms of enhancing user experience? Do you need to revamp your websites by integrating visually attractive Flash or Flex based user-interface?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. Arosys offers comprehensive ColdFusion development solutions using Flash and Flex programming.

What is Flex?

Flex is a platform used to create “dynamic” and highly interactive web applications that are cross-browser compatible (works in all types of major browsers) and runs smoothly on all types of operating systems (OS) too.

ColdFusion applications developed using Flex are displayed on the browser using a Flash player, while Adobe AIR is used to develop desktop applications.

Rich User-Interface

Desktop and web applications developed using the Flash and Flex are more interactive and intuitive than applications developed using only ColdFusion programming.

Although ColdFusion apps are rich and user-friendly, nonetheless, ColdFusion Flash/Flex programming enhances user-interactivity more by presenting the information in a dynamic and visually pleasing way that most people find appealing.

This enhanced environment makes your applications rich in terms of making people extremely comfortable using your system.

With advanced interaction and the ability to transmit data fast and quick, desktop and web applications developed with Flex/Flash are more powerful, dynamic, and pleasing than standalone ColdFusion solutions.

Excellent Team of Flex/Flash Developers

Our in-house team of expert and highly qualified Flash and Flex programmers and developers have developed over 20 rich Flash/Flex based solution to a wide number of clients from all walks of life.

At Arosys, our seasoned Flash/Flex engineers can help your organization integrate rich Flex/Flash user-interface to dynamically communicate with the business as well as data records, thereby, creating an “engaging,” “cross-platform” and “compatible” applications at a budget you can afford.

Benefits of Flex/Flash Programming

  • Get visually attractive web and desktop interface for your apps
  • Offer a rich user experience for your visitors
  • Dynamic apps that display information based on its own intelligence
  • Developed on 3-tier technology that makes it easy to upgrade and change
  • Transmit large and heavy data over the Internet without compromising performance
  • Get “customized” Flash/Flex based applications for your company
  • Strong development methodologies to ensure high-end solutions

Arosys Flex Development Services:

  • We offer consulting, analysis, and sending you details quote for Flash/Flex development, absolutely FREE.
  • Flash/Flex-based applications development services exclusively on Flex environment
  • Easily make Flex/Flash-based apps run on a variety of database, including MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL, etc
  • Integrate Flash/Flex based desktop and web apps on popular programming platforms like ColdFusion, Java EE, .NET, or PHP technologies
  • We design, develop and employ “rich” Internet and desktop applications
  • Integrating Flex based apps with third-party software, or any other programming platform

For over 7 years, Arosys team of seasoned Flex/Flash programmers has been delivering a wide variety of desktop and web apps for all types of clients. We use the latest programming model and technologies to build industry-standard Flex/Flash apps that will help drive the success of your business super fast.

Interested to discuss Flex programming services? Simply contact us or call us at
(408) 634-0104. One of our expert Flex/Flash consultants will get back to you within 24 hours.