Coldfusion Development Process

Our Business’s Core Methodology

Arosys offers comprehensive ColdFusion development solutions for outsourced projects. Our “customized” solution will help meet your individual business needs and budget so that you’ll get exactly what you’d envisioned without burning your pocket.

In addition to ColdFusion development services, we also offer advice and technical assistance whenever you may need it. For IT-based offshore projects, we’ll also create and recommend best solutions and its implementation plans.

Our project managers are expert at managing outsourced projects and development, marketing, and support team, very well.

Our team of ColdFusion developers and consultants are seasoned and highly trained IT professionals who have extensive business knowledge, sound strategic know-how, and years of project management experience.

Our ColdFusion Development Process:

  • You (our clients) will send a free request for quote to Arosys.
  • One of our ColdFusion experts will send you a detailed analysis report (free).
  • Our technical team will suggest you two models – a) Fixed -price model or b) Hourly-based model to start working on your unique project.
  • Once the project requirements and the working model is confirmed, Arosys team and the client will make an agreement.
  • We’ll assign and send you the details of the Project Manager and Developer to you.
  • Our Project Manager and Developer will communicate with you for the project

Our Coding Standards

All of our ColdFusion development team follows a set of coding standards that should make our applications run faster, smoother, and deliver exactly the same results that our clients envision it before the start of the project.

We use a set of user-controlled classes to enhance “re-usability” of the already existing codes and scripts and only enhance its features depending on the requirements of each project.

We do NOT use any third-party programming script generators. All of our scripts are hand-coded and “customized” to deliver unique results.

Our Approach – Liberal, Yet Disciplined towards Outsourcing Projects

  • We flexible approach towards handling project requirement benefits both our in-house ColdFusion developer/consultants and external outsourced businesses – increase productivity, reduce cost, generate more ROI.
  • Our development methods and processes are extremely easy to comprehend and implement. Everything is delivered fast and smooth.
  • We strive to become a success by studying the market. As a result, we are always able to deliver what our customers demand.
  • Our balanced approach towards the company’s fixed rules and dynamic methodologies will help offer excellent outsourced services to our clients.

Understanding Projects Needs

In order to deliver “customized” and “best” solutions to our clients, we first like to learn more about their brand and project requirements. This helps us direct all our resources – intelligence and tools – to devise a simple yet effective development process that will guarantee results with less risk.

After a clear understanding of our client’s outsourced ColdFusion development project, we move on to face any type of challenges as our seasoned developers and consultants are fully trained to tackle it.

  • Our clients will outline the major tasks involved in the project
  • Our Project managers will ask further specific questions to build more clarity before the work actually starts.
  • We will offer an “initial” cost estimate to our clients.

Our Project Processes

Several things happen during our off-shore ColdFusion development process – database design, user-interface design, coding, and testing and quality assurance.

During each phase of our ColdFusion development process, our clients are allowed to participate and see the project unfold, or recommend necessary changes whenever they see fit.

Arosys will send an “initial” project development prototype before replacing it with a full-scale solution, which are:

  • Database design.
  • User-Interface Design (Designing).
  • Coding (Development).
  • Testing.
  • Quality Assurance.

Our web portal allows our client to participate in our development process itself, communicate with our offshore development anytime, and keep track of the progress too.

Testing, Rinsing and Repeating

Our main goal is to offer you a solution that operates flawlessly – runs smoothly across all platforms (browsers and operating systems), makes it easy for users to use it, and delivers the results you’ve been craving for.

In order to build a bug-free, we utilize a software tool that checks your system to carry out several testing including unit testing, load testing, security tests, integration tests, responsiveness testing, among other things.

In addition, your software will be under a deep scrutiny of our development experts, all the time.

Finally, Your Project Goes LIVE (Launch)

Several things happen during our off-shore development process – database design, user-interface design, coding, and testing and quality assurance.

Finally, we’ll take care of all the steps to host and launch your software or website.

  • We’ll set up a web hosting for your project.
  • We’ll check the system online – testing, rinsing, and repeating.
  • We offer complete training to help you learn how to use the system.
  • Finally, you and our team will launch the solution together.


For more information, contact us or call us at (408) 634-0104 to know how we can help your business grow to the next level.