Coldfusion Component Development

Do you need a “scalable,” “flexible,” and “reusable” web pages that easily integrates with different types of a platform with less hassle at all?

Do not worry as Arosys has the tools and expertise at developing “reusable,” “flexible,” and “secure” ColdFusion components that will help create a web application that uses fewer codes, easily integrate on an industry-standard platform, and run really fast.

What are ColdFusion Components (CFCs)?

ColdFusion components, or CFCs, is a smart programming approach for grouping together different functions and data in a single file, whether or not they’ll be needed to run the applications.

Without CFCs, it’s possible to code and develop sophisticated applications. However, using CFCs in the applications will make them more “flexible,” “easy to maintain,” and allow greater flexibility for “code re-use.”

So, if you’re developing CF based software for long-term applications, it would be wise to use CFCs to make those applications more “scalable” and “reliable.”

3-Tier Logic

The advantage of using CFCs arises from the fact that it keeps the presentation logic (upper-layer) separate from the business (mid) and data access (lower-level) logic. Although the code that generates the output like HTML and ColdFusion tags may vary from page to page, however, the business rules and data access level remains intact.

This way, the changes you’ll make in the presentation layer will less likely affect the business or the data logic layer. Moreover, the changes that you will be making will also be less likely because we won’t be repeating ourselves.

As a result, you’ll have a better architecture for your software or application!

Use More Features of ColdFusion

Developing CF solutions utilizing ColdFusion components (CFCs) will help you take advantages of the most powerful features of ColdFusion technology including Ajax controls, web-service generation, and the development of software and application using a framework.

Here are a few reasons why your business needs CFCs into your applications:

Offers secure environment

You can set a “restriction” gaining access to CFCs to run your apps in a “secure” environment

Increases performance

CFCs are compiled once it’s called the first time. After that, it will then be pre-compiled for all the following calls unless the components are changed, for which you’ll have to compile it once more.

Re-use of code

Once you’ve coded a CFC, it will act as a black box – carry it around without breaking anything inside it. It will accept input from users and offers quick output. Further, once you call the component in a CF-based web page, you can then reuse it over and over again without calling it again.

Extendable Components

ColdFusion components are developed and designed in such a way that it can share its functions with other CF components. That means you can easily use these CFCs in any other components developed in other programming language using URL calls.

Self-contained and self-documenting

CFCs have the ability to generate their own comments using the “hint” attribute in the web pages.

If you have ColdFusion component development requirements for your web applications or sites, don’t hesitate to talk to us. Simply send us an email at or call us at (408) 634-0104 to learn we develop “secure,” “extendable,” “reusable,” ColdFusion components for your business needs.